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In memory of Jared Southwick

Jared Southwick

A friend of mine passed away recently. Tonight there is a memorial show in his honor that I am going to do my best to get to. Jared was a truly talented guitar player, and a great guy. I spent a week on the road with him in 2002; braving some crazy snow storms while on tour with Mara’Akate. Years later Thin Fevers was fortunate enough to play shows with The Dream is Dead, and I was able to capture The video below. It showcases a great example of Jared’s amazing guitar prowess.

I first saw Jared play with a band called Legion my freshman year of college at Ball State University. I’ll never forget watching Jared completely shred a lightning bolt adorned guitar while his hair swung around him. Being a small town kid that had only recently discovered punk rock; that show with Legion was one of my first experiences watching a metal band, and honestly Jared Southwick was part of a moment that quite literally changed my life forever.

Tonight I will go see some of the same bands that played that day, and remember a man that people across the world already miss terribly.

Brian Wyrick Quarterly Report

Not My Baby

Hello throngs of website visitors searching for “rick rolled,” “wolf monkey,” and “Jeremy McKinnon.”

I have a lot of posts saved up from the past few months, so maybe I can start ditching those search results for Jeremy Mckinnon, but I’ll admit the “wolf monkey” results had me stumped. Remember “Gerald,” the photoshop job I did with the monkey on the lap of teen wolf’s dad? Well, it ranks somewhere for “wolf monkey.”

I’ve wrapped up a couple of projects this year (most notably Thin Fevers) and begun the ignition sequence for a few new projects (a new band and a comic book to start) all while keeping things rolling at Raidious. July brought our company it’s second anniversary, and we’ve learned a lot and had a lot of success. I am continuously flattered by the talent that I get to work with and the great things our customers and colleagues have to say about us.

We launched Raidious Control in March.

As I mentioned, Thin Fevers is no more, but I am happy to say that I am involved with a new music project, details of which will be coming soon. I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who ever came out to see Thin Fevers, and all of the great folks that wanted to see us, but couldn’t. I’ve got audio of our last show, once it sounds good, I’ll be sure to post.

Also, I just welcomed my second son home, so I will be watching that new Will Arnet show.

More later.

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun & The Indieana Handicraft Exchange – A Good Weekend in Indianapolis

This weekend was a blast. My son went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend, while Jen and had a busy weekend full of the fun work.

The video above is of Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun playing at The Indieana Handicraft Exchange.  TTMTTS is an insanely great band from Atlanta Georgia, playing at an insanely great event that Amanda and Neal Taflinger helm. Thin Fevers was fortunate enough to get to share a bill with them later that night at Local’s Only to an unfortunately small crowd. However, those in attendance left with melted eye-balls à la Raiders of the Lost Ark – if you ever have a chance to see this band, do.

Day two of the Handicraft Exchange was equally as fun – EleanorMac did very well, and while Jen was selling, I was busy buying from Mike Altman, Clinton Reno, and some other vendors.

All in all, a great weekend.