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In memory of Jared Southwick

Jared was a great guy and a great musician, tonight there is a show in his honor.

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Brian Wyrick Quarterly Report

Hello throngs of website visitors searching for “rick rolled,” “wolf monkey,” and “Jeremy McKinnon.” I have a lot of posts saved up from the past few months, so maybe I can start ditching those search results for Jeremy Mckinnon, but I’ll admit the “wolf monkey” results had me stumped. Remember “Gerald,” the photoshop job I […]

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Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun & The Indieana Handicraft Exchange – A Good Weekend in Indianapolis

A quick post about all of the awesome that was this weekend. Check it out for a video of Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun from The Indieana Handicraft Exchange.

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Zaptown Article on Thin Fevers, featuring yours truly.

I just got wind that a new article has been published to ZapTown, and it is a feature on my band, Thin Fevers.

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Thin Fevers “New Systems” on eMusic

My band, Thin Fevers, has a record on eMusic.