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Places I Go: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to see the Indianapolis 500 from many different angles. I’ve been to the race twice, viewed the track from the radio tower, toured the pits, toured the garage, and been sunburned more times than I can count. It is an Indianapolis tradition, and below are some photos from this year’s trips downtown and to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the team at Raidious.

@raidious day at the track. Thanks again @indysmittyYard of bricks.Mega celebrity sightings all in the same fives minutes.Parade rehearsal

It’s the Super Bowl, and I am happy to say I am at work!

As the big game starts, I am at the Super Bowl Social Media Command Center going through photos from the last two weeks. I’ve been at the office every day, but was able to spend some time enjoying the festivities with family and friends. It has been a crazy time – here are some highlights via photos.

I’m not a huge sports fan, but it has been amazing to be here and involved!