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Conjurer EP is out!

ConjurerIt’s finally here – the first official recording I have been a part of in a couple of years. We will be playing a show this Saturday, where we will be selling a limited edition of physical copies of the record. It can be purchased at the link below as well, and we will mail one out to you!

Conjurer Pre-orders have begun.

Conjurer stickers.It is time: Conjurer’s first recording is ready to go! We are finishing up a limited edition of physical copies and will be releasing everything very soon (we are holding out until our next show). You can pre-order the record at Music.Conjurer.in now – when you do, you will get an immediate download of “Marauders” and an email to download the rest when the other three tracks are released.

If you’d like to get one of the fifty physical metal tin versions, you can pick one up at a show, or pre-order it as well (the download is free).

I’m excited to have this out the door, but more excited to record again – we have some awesome new stuff that needs to see a proper studio.

The First Video Evidence of Conjurer

@brrn is going to miss this.

I’ve been playing music again. The project has been dubbed Conjurer, and we’ve been working on material for the past year or so. Recently we started playing out in the Indianapolis area, and last week the first video evidence on our onslaught surfaced. I’m not sure who grabbed this, and while the audio quality jumps around, it’s great to be able to share the set with anyone unable to make it.

We’ve recently finished our first DIY recording, and will be available at the Conjurer BandCamp page soon. We will definitely be playing more shows and recording again soon. Stay tuned, and be sure to like us on Facebook.

“Andrew Bird: Fever Year” – Catch it at the Indianapolis Fim Fest Before it Flies Away

I was flattered to be asked to guest blog with a group of Indianapolis film fans for this year’s Indy Film Fest. ┬áThe first film I was asked to write-up was “Andrew Bird: Fever Year.”

“Andrew Bird: Fever Year” is a snapshot of Andrew Bird. It is a moving picture taken over a year of touring and laid out before the viewer in one hour and twenty minutes. A beautiful film that is sipped, not gulped; should you choose to partake, you will be treated to selections from a Milwaukee performance while spending time with Andrew on his family farm, in the studio, and of course, on the road.

Read more of my thoughts on the film at Indy Film Fest 2012: ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR.