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Comic Book Conventions – Photos From The Year So Far & A Write Up On The Indypendent Show!

I’ve been to a couple of comic book conventions, and plan to be at a couple more. I especially want to share a quick review of the show I was at this past weekend:

The Indypendent Show

The Indypendent show was honestly a bit of a surprise for me. Due to crazy schedules and having a spread out creative team on Henchmen, I quite frankly wasn’t sure if going to a show focussed on local talent and independent publishers would be very fruitful or honestly very fun.

I was very happy that I was completely wrong. I met some flat-out amazingly talented people at the show, both attending and exhibiting, and got to share the comic creative and business process with my son, who was able to sell some of his original artwork and in turn buy artwork from some of the most patient, passionate, and caring folks I’d met in a long time. He learned a lot, and I learned a lot.

The format and size of the show was perfect for a one day event  – nice and relaxed and time to actually talk to people! As a bonus, my son was able to get this awesome one page comic from Trae Dorn, Jackie Crofts, Lee Cherolis, G. Pike, and yours truly!

As you might imagine, super heroes are a thing at my house:

Here is a quick recap of the year so far in photos!

Selling @henchmencomic today.@retro007 getting it atMega line on the last day of

Henchmen KickStarter is Live

I’ve been working on a comic book called Henchmen – we launched our KickStarter on March 1st, and things are off to a great start – please check it out and spread the word!

Henchmen is the story of Gary, an office supply salesman that loses his job and stumbles across a mysterious classified ad.

Henchmen is coming.

@jjraygun filming the @henchmencomic kickstarter video with @indydandark @raidiousI posted recently about a comic book that I am working on. I am excited to post that things are moving along fantastically! We’ve selected Ryan Howe as our artist, and this week Jamison and I got in front of a camera for a video interview for our imminent KickStarter launch. Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and websites have all been launched – expect lots of things happening very quickly.

We kick off our campaign on March 1st! The book is called Henchmen, and it tells the story of Gary, a regular guy who finds himself without a job. He is lucky to find a new one, but finds out quickly that his new profession requires a different set of skills.

Artrageous – Online Video Art Show Needs Your Backing

This is a really great looking KickStarter project – I recently backed it, and the window is closing. If you are reading this, please consider getting involved!

From the KickStarter page:

What is our mission?

Simply put, Artrageous with Nate portrays the arts as approachable and relatable in order to stimulate children’s creativity and foster a generation of innovators.

How was Nate inspired? 

When I was a kid, I loved art—drawing, painting, sculpting, you name it.  But in college, my love for art was almost drowned by horribly boring art history classes.  As an art teacher myself years later, I made it my goal to incorporate art and art history in a way that was interesting…even enticing.

What I developed was a new approach that made art (and even art history) approachable, relatable, and fun.  My goal is to turn this approach in to a television series called Artrageous with Nate that can be used by teachers and families across the country.  I have made two initial episodes, but I need your help to make more episodes a reality. 

Why now?

Art program budgets across the country are being slashed to make way for a greater focus on standardized testing.  You’ve all read the headlines.  But what school boards often fail to see is how the arts actually improve test scores (see graph below) and college graduation rates and help decrease teen delinquency. The arts are important, now more than ever. 

What will we do with the funds?

Great question! Our goal is to raise $15,000, which will cover the cost of travel, equipment rental, filming, editing, and distribution of Episode #3 and 5 short video art lessons. 



A fresh coat of paint.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.22.01 AM

The new look


I’m trying something new – a fresh, simple coat of paint on the site. Please let me know if there are bugs to squash or fishiness about.

I basically pulled out all of the garbage that  had for some reason found its way into the sidebar, and went to a much wider content view so I can use bigger pictures and fewer words!

Here are some samples of the new post styles:

Regular posts, like this post about pancakes, can now sit in the full browser for most people, while this video post can let the video breath. One of my favorite posts so far  is this conjurer post where I can show a photo and video in a much smaller space.

I’m pretty happy. For the curious, I am using a heavily modified version of Hustle from Woothemes.