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Comic Book Conventions – Photos From The Year So Far & A Write Up On The Indypendent Show!

A quick review of this past weekend’s Indypendent show, plus an awesome one page comic that my son had drawn by some of the talented folks at the show! Also, a cute video of a 2 year old running around with a cape on, plus photos from conventions – ACTION PACKED FULL OF AWESOME!

Art Comics Geekery Henchmen Indianapolis News Updates

Henchmen KickStarter is Live

I’ve been working on a comic book called Henchmen – we launched our KickStarter on March 1st, and things are off to a great start – please check it out and spread the word!

Comics Geekery Henchmen Indianapolis News

Henchmen is coming.

Things are going great with Henchmen, a comic book project I am working on with Jamison Raymond.

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Artrageous – Online Video Art Show Needs Your Backing

A great art education project I recently backed!

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A fresh coat of paint.

A fresh, simple coat of paint on the site.