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Top 10 Songs I rocked in 2010

While reviewing the music I played air guitar to the most in 2010, i discovered that most of the music I fell in love with was not released during 2010. I have a tendency to do that, but this year was different. This year I re-discovered heavy music.

I have plans in January to throw together my best artists of the as of now closed decade, but for now, lets get to it. The list below is my list of top 10 songs I added to my iTunes library in 2010, limit one (most listened to) per album, ordered by most plays.

“Good Neighbor”  The Dillinger Escape Plan

I start off with a song released in 2010 – “Option Paralysis” found me via a random nostalgic visit to and honestly kicked off a re-discovery of heavy music for me that is apparent in the rest of this list.

“Castratikron”    Dethklok

This record came out in 2007. I discovered “The Dethalbum II” in late 2009 via my friend Chris Commons, and picked up the original “Dethalbum” this year. Simply amazing tongue in cheek death metal from Cartoon Network‘s Adult Swim.

“Reap What You Sow”    Converge

Another late purchase for me, I caught up with one of my favorite bands of all time, Converge and their 2009 release “Axe To Fall.”

“Horse Hunter”    The Dillinger Escape Plan

After I picked up “Option Paralysis” I realized I missed out on “Ire Works“. My mistake. This track features Brent Hinds of Mastadon on background vocals.

“Meat Market”    Spitfire

In 1999 I could not wait for Spitfire’s “The Dead Next Door.” I loved the record, but eventually forgot the band. Another random conversation left me beyond excited to find out that not only did they release “Self-Help” in 2002, but “Cult Fiction” in 2004 (see next song). Brutal, amazing stuff.

Chemotherapist    Spitfire    Cult Fiction

“Isak” Baroness

A band I was told I would love, I wrote these guys off. But you know what? Chandler was right. “The Red Album” has some gems. I have yet to pick up any subsequent releases, though.

“Kolnidur”  Jónsi

Jónsi – Kolnidur – Terminal 5 (5/9/10) from Andrew Cornett on Vimeo.

One of the two songs to actually be released in 2010, this song is also one of only two songs on the list that aren’t metal. Jonsi is amazing. The album “Go” is amazing as well. I was fortunate enough to see him live in Columbus, OH, and it was also amazing.

“One Cross Apiece”   Obits

I finally got around to listening to this band. Having been a huge fan of Hot Snakes it was time. This track was the first and so far is still the best Obits song I have heard. From their first 7 inch release.

“And Then the C.H.U.D.S. Came”    Daughters

Yet another blast from the past. Daughters was heading into orbit with “Canada Songs” as Mara’Akate burned up during re-entry and I lost my taste for the sound. This band is amazing and does some great stuff on all of their records, this year found me again catching up on stuff I shouldn’t have missed.

Russian Circles – interview & live video

Today I share a most overdue post – the second and final episode of the RockitBomb.TV pilot project. I am happy to post an interview and set opener from Russian Circles, an amazing band that I have had the fortune to see multiple times, as well as the honor of sharing a bill with them via Thin Fevers.

Check out Andy and Annie’s interview, and the band’s set opener from the April 23rd, 2009 show at Radio Radio .

For anyone who missed my previous post – this project was a collaboration that I embarked on last summer with A2 Industries. Unfortunately, due to my career change, and A2 busy bringing awesome to Indianapolis, the project has been indefinitely shelved.

Thanks to the guys in Russian Circles and A2 for being awesome to work with!

Tim Barry Interview and 2 Live Songs – RockitBomb.TV Pilot

Earlier in 2009, my friends Annie and Andy from A2 Industries had the great idea to start work on a video podcast. We decided to call it RockitBomb.TV, as I was tiring of playing around with audio podcasting, and had always wanted to collaborate on a video project.

We shot three pilot episodes, the first of which was an interview with Tim Barry, formerly of Avail. We got to sit down with Tim for an interview, the folks at were kind enough to lend us some archival footage, and we got footage of Tim performing two great songs at Local’s Only in Indianapolis.

Special thanks to Those Young Lions,, and A2 for working with me on this project, the “as final as it is going to get” cut is below for your viewing pleasure:

The Winter Sounds – Another KickStarter Project

I swear I  wrote this post the other day, but it the internets apparently ate it.

The Winter Sounds are incredible. Imagine for a minute that you are Robert Smith, only born in 1979 and living in Athens Georgia. You start a band and it comes out as the Winter Sounds.

The band is getting ready to record a new record and I sincerely recommend that you get involved. If you plegde 30 dollars you will get the record, a shirt, and your face on the cover. Awesome.

If my rambling opinion isn’t enough to get you to drop some coin, take a listen to some of the tracks below. These are some of my personal favorites from The Winter Sounds most recent release, “Church of the Haunted South.” This is one my best of 2009, hands down.

If you like what you hear be sure to pick up the record from the Winter Sounds’ bandcamp page.