Indianapolis Movies Music Rockitbomb Shows Thin Fevers Video

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun & The Indieana Handicraft Exchange – A Good Weekend in Indianapolis

A quick post about all of the awesome that was this weekend. Check it out for a video of Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun from The Indieana Handicraft Exchange.

This weekend was a blast. My son went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend, while Jen and had a busy weekend full of the fun work.

The video above is of Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun playing at The Indieana Handicraft Exchange.  TTMTTS is an insanely great band from Atlanta Georgia, playing at an insanely great event that Amanda and Neal Taflinger helm. Thin Fevers was fortunate enough to get to share a bill with them later that night at Local’s Only to an unfortunately small crowd. However, those in attendance left with melted eye-balls à la Raiders of the Lost Ark – if you ever have a chance to see this band, do.

Day two of the Handicraft Exchange was equally as fun – EleanorMac did very well, and while Jen was selling, I was busy buying from Mike Altman, Clinton Reno, and some other vendors.

All in all, a great weekend.