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That Time My Dad And I Rode In A Car With The Guy That Won The Indy 500

Hot lap with Juan Pablo Montoya.

There is nothing like a long weekend to dust off the old blog. Sunday was the 99th running of the Indy 500. I spent the day building a tree house with my brother and father. While relaxing after a day of pulling siding up with ropes, my father informed me that Juan Pablo Montoya had won the race. Way back on July 26th, 2012 my father and I were afforded the opportunity to sit in the back seat of a car that Mr. Montoya was driving… with one hand on the wheel… at top speed… while casually discussing the standard features of the car (AC and satellite radio)… around the very same track. It was awesome, and here are the pictures and a video to prove it.

Yard of bricks.

Congratulations On Your Impending Geography

Ten years ago, right after working at Kinko’s, and right before I met my wife, I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe with Mara’akate. I made a movie about it. This is it.

We were a band, so we did all sorts of silly things. On the DVD release of the above film, we included the videos below just because we could.

Before any of the above could happen though, we had to record one last record, and this was made:

Artrageous – Online Video Art Show Needs Your Backing

This is a really great looking KickStarter project – I recently backed it, and the window is closing. If you are reading this, please consider getting involved!

From the KickStarter page:

What is our mission?

Simply put, Artrageous with Nate portrays the arts as approachable and relatable in order to stimulate children’s creativity and foster a generation of innovators.

How was Nate inspired? 

When I was a kid, I loved art—drawing, painting, sculpting, you name it.  But in college, my love for art was almost drowned by horribly boring art history classes.  As an art teacher myself years later, I made it my goal to incorporate art and art history in a way that was interesting…even enticing.

What I developed was a new approach that made art (and even art history) approachable, relatable, and fun.  My goal is to turn this approach in to a television series called Artrageous with Nate that can be used by teachers and families across the country.  I have made two initial episodes, but I need your help to make more episodes a reality. 

Why now?

Art program budgets across the country are being slashed to make way for a greater focus on standardized testing.  You’ve all read the headlines.  But what school boards often fail to see is how the arts actually improve test scores (see graph below) and college graduation rates and help decrease teen delinquency. The arts are important, now more than ever. 

What will we do with the funds?

Great question! Our goal is to raise $15,000, which will cover the cost of travel, equipment rental, filming, editing, and distribution of Episode #3 and 5 short video art lessons. 



Lego X-Wing Time Lapse

My 7-year-old son and I put together the LEGO X-Wing, and made a time-lapse with my GoPro Hero 2. The music is “Right Left Right” from the album “Wildfire” by Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, a great band from Atlanta. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them a few times, and they were gracious enough to let us use their song. Like them on Facebook at

This was a really great project. Looking back I wish I would have paid better attention to my camera placement, but that this project was meant to be a learning experience. It was quick and also my first experience using Adobe Premiere in quite a long time.

Thanks again to Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun for use of the song – it fit exactly and goes along with the video quite nicely.

For my birthday I got Google Maps 8 Bit for NES

Google Maps 8 Bit - Google Headquarters

Every year Google does something funny for my birthday. Everyone thinks it’s for April Fool’s day, but I know Google knows everything about me, including my birthday & what color socks I am wearing today. It stands to reason that they know of my love of video games as well, and this year they made this!

Hilarious. They even made 8 bit versions of street view, complete with little avatar.

8 Bit Street View - Google Headquarters