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Not My Baby

Hello throngs of website visitors searching for “rick rolled,” “wolf monkey,” and “Jeremy McKinnon.”

I have a lot of posts saved up from the past few months, so maybe I can start ditching those search results for Jeremy Mckinnon, but I’ll admit the “wolf monkey” results had me stumped. Remember “Gerald,” the photoshop job I did with the monkey on the lap of teen wolf’s dad? Well, it ranks somewhere for “wolf monkey.”

I’ve wrapped up a couple of projects this year (most notably Thin Fevers) and begun the ignition sequence for a few new projects (a new band and a comic book to start) all while keeping things rolling at Raidious. July brought our company it’s second anniversary, and we’ve learned a lot and had a lot of success. I am continuously flattered by the talent that I get to work with and the great things our customers and colleagues have to say about us.

We launched Raidious Control in March.

As I mentioned, Thin Fevers is no more, but I am happy to say that I am involved with a new music project, details of which will be coming soon. I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who ever came out to see Thin Fevers, and all of the great folks that wanted to see us, but couldn’t. I’ve got audio of our last show, once it sounds good, I’ll be sure to post.

Also, I just welcomed my second son home, so I will be watching that new Will Arnet show.

More later.