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Brian Wyrick Quarterly Report

Hello throngs of website visitors searching for “rick rolled,” “wolf monkey,” and “Jeremy McKinnon.” I have a lot of posts saved up from the past few months, so maybe I can start ditching those search results for Jeremy Mckinnon, but I’ll admit the “wolf monkey” results had me stumped. Remember “Gerald,” the photoshop job I […]

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You Could Ruin My Day – Fourtet

This song was released in 2001, but earlier in the week it came on via iTunes DJ and I was just floored by it, so much, that I am now sharing it days later. Enjoy “You Could Ruin My Day” by Fourtet.

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Thunders at Record Store Day 2009

Happy Record Store Day 2010! To celebrate, I’d like to share the playlist above from Thunders‘ 2009 set at the Indianapolis record store Indy CD & Vinyl. Shot on a Sony HDRFX1 with audio from a wireless mono mic in the back of the room, it’s been culled from the archives and placed on Vimeo […]

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Russian Circles – interview & live video

Today I share a most overdue post – the second and final episode of the RockitBomb.TV pilot project. I am happy to post an interview and set opener from Russian Circles, an amazing band that I have had the fortune to see multiple times, as well as the honor of sharing a bill with them […]

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Tim Barry Interview and 2 Live Songs – RockitBomb.TV Pilot

Earlier this year (2009) my friends at A2 and I decided to collaborate on a video podcast. This is the the first of the 3 pilot episodes.