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How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business, featuring me!

Well, this is a bit dated – but I’d like to post this for posterity.

Back in June, the interactive marketing agency I work for (Raidious) received a call from’s J.J. McCorvey.  J.J. requested an interview with us about our use of Google Apps for business, and we were flattered.

Check out the article. I was glad to have the opportunity to geek out about such a great suite of tools. Thanks to Taulbee Jackson for being on the call with me, and for being a good sport when a couple of his statements were attributed to me.

Russian Circles – interview & live video

Today I share a most overdue post – the second and final episode of the RockitBomb.TV pilot project. I am happy to post an interview and set opener from Russian Circles, an amazing band that I have had the fortune to see multiple times, as well as the honor of sharing a bill with them via Thin Fevers.

Check out Andy and Annie’s interview, and the band’s set opener from the April 23rd, 2009 show at Radio Radio .

For anyone who missed my previous post – this project was a collaboration that I embarked on last summer with A2 Industries. Unfortunately, due to my career change, and A2 busy bringing awesome to Indianapolis, the project has been indefinitely shelved.

Thanks to the guys in Russian Circles and A2 for being awesome to work with!

Tim Barry Interview and 2 Live Songs – RockitBomb.TV Pilot

Earlier in 2009, my friends Annie and Andy from A2 Industries had the great idea to start work on a video podcast. We decided to call it RockitBomb.TV, as I was tiring of playing around with audio podcasting, and had always wanted to collaborate on a video project.

We shot three pilot episodes, the first of which was an interview with Tim Barry, formerly of Avail. We got to sit down with Tim for an interview, the folks at were kind enough to lend us some archival footage, and we got footage of Tim performing two great songs at Local’s Only in Indianapolis.

Special thanks to Those Young Lions,, and A2 for working with me on this project, the “as final as it is going to get” cut is below for your viewing pleasure: