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The Winter Sounds – Another KickStarter Project

Another fun project to back – the new Winter Sounds record!

I swear I  wrote this post the other day, but it the internets apparently ate it.

The Winter Sounds are incredible. Imagine for a minute that you are Robert Smith, only born in 1979 and living in Athens Georgia. You start a band and it comes out as the Winter Sounds.

The band is getting ready to record a new record and I sincerely recommend that you get involved. If you plegde 30 dollars you will get the record, a shirt, and your face on the cover. Awesome.

If my rambling opinion isn’t enough to get you to drop some coin, take a listen to some of the tracks below. These are some of my personal favorites from The Winter Sounds most recent release, “Church of the Haunted South.” This is one my best of 2009, hands down.

If you like what you hear be sure to pick up the record from the Winter Sounds’ bandcamp page.