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That Time My Dad And I Rode In A Car With The Guy That Won The Indy 500

Hot lap with Juan Pablo Montoya.

There is nothing like a long weekend to dust off the old blog. Sunday was the 99th running of the Indy 500. I spent the day building a tree house with my brother and father. While relaxing after a day of pulling siding up with ropes, my father informed me that Juan Pablo Montoya had won the race. Way back on July 26th, 2012 my father and I were afforded the opportunity to sit in the back seat of a car that Mr. Montoya was driving… with one hand on the wheel… at top speed… while casually discussing the standard features of the car (AC and satellite radio)… around the very same track. It was awesome, and here are the pictures and a video to prove it.

Yard of bricks.

Saved Up Tweets from the State Fair


In 2008, I went to the State Fair.

I saw many things.

I saw many things I wanted to post to Twitter.

I had intended these to be tweets from the state fair, but things where happening too rapidly, so I spoke them into Jott.  Now it is 2009, and another trip has been made.  This year I was too busy witnessing the sheer joy of a 4 year old on the Tilt a Whirl to pay any attention to the other ridiculousness, so I will share my observations from the past.

Anyway, here we go, love ’em or leave ’em.

“Hey fair band – we don’t need the bios of the whole band, save it for your Wikipedia page” – This actually turned into a funny idea for my wife’s “Save it for your blog” shirts.

“Fat kids at the fair.” – Enough Said.

“Favorite part of the fair? They guy yelling “HEY!” at a crowd of thousands of people and expecting his friend to respond.”

“I am so glad that we picked High School Cheerleader day to come to the fair.”

“A lady just referred to the giant pig in the pig barn as “some sausage””

“Excuse me sir, you weigh 450 lbs, easy. Maybe the Mountain Dew isn’t such a good idea.”

“High School kids are playing the pick up the duck game… and they don’t get it. Pick up a duck. Pick out a prize. It is for 3 year olds.”

Next year I will try to be a bit quicker on the draw. I did manage to tweet out that MC Hammer was playing though.

We Are Hex – Back From The Dead and Live. New Podcast.

We Are Hex Podcast

The title of this post has a double meaning.

We Are Hex, Indianapolis based chaos rock troupe, is back at it and writing what is quite possibly some of the most awesome stuff I have heard in quite some time. I was lucky enough to capture the audio of last Saturday night’s performance at Punk Rock Night, and have also, in turn, breathed new life into the RockitBomb podcast.

It was great show with Small Arms Fire opening, and Thin Fevers taking what was left of the stage after. Listen to this episode and enjoy the full live set after a brief interview with Jill and Brandon.

Keep an eye out for the band’s new demo and be sure to check them out on tour this fall.

A final note – this podcast is in m4a format. It has chapters, so download it in iTunes and rock it on your iPod or other compatible device. If you have troubles with it, please let me know in the comments, as this my first pass at chaptered podcasts.


We Are Hex – Live Set and Interview – m4a format

iTunes Link

Podcast Feed Link