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Comic Book Conventions – Photos From The Year So Far & A Write Up On The Indypendent Show!

I’ve been to a couple of comic book conventions, and plan to be at a couple more. I especially want to share a quick review of the show I was at this past weekend:

The Indypendent Show

The Indypendent show was honestly a bit of a surprise for me. Due to crazy schedules and having a spread out creative team on Henchmen, I quite frankly wasn’t sure if going to a show focussed on local talent and independent publishers would be very fruitful or honestly very fun.

I was very happy that I was completely wrong. I met some flat-out amazingly talented people at the show, both attending and exhibiting, and got to share the comic creative and business process with my son, who was able to sell some of his original artwork and in turn buy artwork from some of the most patient, passionate, and caring folks I’d met in a long time. He learned a lot, and I learned a lot.

The format and size of the show was perfect for a one day event  – nice and relaxed and time to actually talk to people! As a bonus, my son was able to get this awesome one page comic from Trae Dorn, Jackie Crofts, Lee Cherolis, G. Pike, and yours truly!

As you might imagine, super heroes are a thing at my house:

Here is a quick recap of the year so far in photos!

Selling @henchmencomic today.@retro007 getting it atMega line on the last day of

Happy New Year!

Chevy Chase New Year Gif

I’m not feeling very verbose as I kick of 2013, but I did want to showcase some highlights from 2012 and some plans for 2013.

Wow, what a big year – things at Raidious started off pretty hot with the Superbowl XLVI Social Media Command Center propelling our company into the national spotlight. Indianapolis was a great host for the NFL and I’m proud to have been a part of it. Raidious also won a Mira award and we ended the year by  announcing that we are planning on adding 75 new jobs by 2016!

Speaking of jobs, I am happy to announce that my day-to-day role at Raidious is shifting from Operations to Technology. The leadership team at Raidious continues to expand, and I am excited to have a new area of the business to focus on! 2013 is going to be a revolutionary year for our company, and I am excited to be building some innovative new tools for audience building.

2012 was a good year for music as well. Last year I joined up with some good friends to start a new music project, dubbed Conjurer. It’s slow, heavy, and loud. We just finished a recording and have been playing in Indy. Be sure to like us on Facebook and  come out to see us if you are a fan. I also had the privilege of doing a weekend tour with Autobody.

I’ve never been a big fan of new years resolutions, so I will announce a couple of 2013 plans instead. Things to look out for:

  1. Conjurer Demo – This thing should be wrapped up super soon.
  2. Henchman – a new comic book project that I have been working on with my high school friend, Jamison Raymond.
  3. More exciting things from Raidious.
  4. Other stuff – I’m not sure yet, but I am hoping to get around to another project in my loose idea folder this year – stay tuned!

As far as the rest of the world goes, Google did the best job recapping a pretty incredible year in the world. I leave you with their Zeitgeist video for 2012


For my birthday I got Google Maps 8 Bit for NES

Google Maps 8 Bit - Google Headquarters

Every year Google does something funny for my birthday. Everyone thinks it’s for April Fool’s day, but I know Google knows everything about me, including my birthday & what color socks I am wearing today. It stands to reason that they know of my love of video games as well, and this year they made this!

Hilarious. They even made 8 bit versions of street view, complete with little avatar.

8 Bit Street View - Google Headquarters