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Saved Up Tweets from the State Fair

Funny observations from last year’s trip to the state fair – remembered after this years.


In 2008, I went to the State Fair.

I saw many things.

I saw many things I wanted to post to Twitter.

I had intended these to be tweets from the state fair, but things where happening too rapidly, so I spoke them into Jott.  Now it is 2009, and another trip has been made.  This year I was too busy witnessing the sheer joy of a 4 year old on the Tilt a Whirl to pay any attention to the other ridiculousness, so I will share my observations from the past.

Anyway, here we go, love ’em or leave ’em.

“Hey fair band – we don’t need the bios of the whole band, save it for your Wikipedia page” – This actually turned into a funny idea for my wife’s “Save it for your blog” shirts.

“Fat kids at the fair.” – Enough Said.

“Favorite part of the fair? They guy yelling “HEY!” at a crowd of thousands of people and expecting his friend to respond.”

“I am so glad that we picked High School Cheerleader day to come to the fair.”

“A lady just referred to the giant pig in the pig barn as “some sausage””

“Excuse me sir, you weigh 450 lbs, easy. Maybe the Mountain Dew isn’t such a good idea.”

“High School kids are playing the pick up the duck game… and they don’t get it. Pick up a duck. Pick out a prize. It is for 3 year olds.”

Next year I will try to be a bit quicker on the draw. I did manage to tweet out that MC Hammer was playing though.