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Back to the Future with JC Autobody

On the weekend of February 24th, I was fortunate enough to join my friend Jonathon Newby (formerly of Brazil) on the road as part of JC Autobody. Newby put a great band together featuring Eric Johnson (also from Brazil) and Russ Cogdell (from Zao).

Here is a taste:

This was a particularly awesome weekend for me. It was partly trip down memory lane, partly a new adventure, and partly an earache. A quick chance to play music with people I had never collaborated with, but who were pretty instrumental in my musical makeup.

If you can, hop in the DeLorean and let’s get up to 88. The story goes like this:

In the year 1997 or 1998, I went to a music festival in Muncie, Indiana. At this music festival were many many bands. Among these insane bands was one called Zao, an intense metal band that looked a lot like this:


Behind this festival (the same festival where I first bore witness to the amazing guitar prowess of Jared Southwick) was a pale guy with tattoos named Jonathon Newby. Throughout my years at Ball State University, Newby and I would cross paths and see each other at shows, many of them featuring awesome bands he brought to town. Quite a few times brought Zao through as they toured.

I had a few chances between 2000 and 2002 to play with Zao while in Mara’Akate, and had met Russ in passing, and shared gear on occasion. Zao was an incredible band, and full of good guys. Basically we would show up, say hi, all freak out and get back on the road.

A decade later, and Russ is still crushing it in Zao. Evidence:

In short, it was really great to play with these guys, two guys that I never thought I’d have an opportunity to make music with, let along geek out about cameras, movies, and 90s Nickelodeon shows with.

Thanks guys, let’s do it again soon. Now I’m heading back to the future.

Bridge – A fun short not from Pixar.

This is seriously great – an awesome short, I am sure that Ting Tey, who specifically had to mention on this video’s vimeo page that he does NOT work for Pixar, will soon find himself an employee there, if he so chooses.

This one has the unique pleasure of being one of the first shorts I enjoyed with the Vimeo app on my AppleTV.

Memory Map is Awesome – Watch them Now

Memory Map is a bit of a super band for me. Featuring Mike Dixon, Mike Bridavsky, and two fellows I don’t know, this band seems to me to be the band that should have always existed, but until recently never did.

Some seriously great stuff from some seriously great guys in Bloomington.

Mara’Akate Live at The University of Connecticut

A few weeks ago there was a day that seemed to be “Remember Mara’Akate Day.” In addition to the used bin review I posted last week, my friend Derek (formerly of Mara’Akate, currently of Phoenix Bodies and many other bands) also came across vimeo user The Sin in Grey’s video of Mara’Akate’s set at the University of Connecticut from our Winter 2002/2003 tour. I remember it being a great show, but I don’t recall why we decided to play Wolfenstein 3-D¬†five times.

We played a few shows with Transistor Transistor on that tour, and I’d be remiss to not include their set from the same show as well.