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A fresh coat of paint.

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The new look


I’m trying something new – a fresh, simple coat of paint on the site. Please let me know if there are bugs to squash or fishiness about.

I basically pulled out all of the garbage that  had for some reason found its way into the sidebar, and went to a much wider content view so I can use bigger pictures and fewer words!

Here are some samples of the new post styles:

Regular posts, like this post about pancakes, can now sit in the full browser for most people, while this video post can let the video breath. One of my favorite posts so far  is this conjurer post where I can show a photo and video in a much smaller space.

I’m pretty happy. For the curious, I am using a heavily modified version of Hustle from Woothemes.


Henchmen – I’m kicking off a comic book and we are looking for another artist to help!

Concept art I've been working on. Looking for another artist to help.

I’m excited to “announce” that I am working a new comic book project called Henchmen. My high school friend Jamison has put together a great script, and I’ve been working on concept art with him for a while now. We have recently rejuvenated the project and will be launching a KickStarter project soon!

We are looking for an artist to join up with us – our intention is for this to be a paying gig, and we are looking for someone with some serious chops to help us bring our vision to life. Let me know if you know someone or are interested yourself!


For my birthday I got Google Maps 8 Bit for NES

Google Maps 8 Bit - Google Headquarters

Every year Google does something funny for my birthday. Everyone thinks it’s for April Fool’s day, but I know Google knows everything about me, including my birthday & what color socks I am wearing today. It stands to reason that they know of my love of video games as well, and this year they made this!

Hilarious. They even made 8 bit versions of street view, complete with little avatar.

8 Bit Street View - Google Headquarters

Making a Music Video Part 1 – We Are Hex “Bottom Of My Belly”

Part one of a series of posts about making a music video.

I’ve decided to write a series of posts about my newest project, a video for We Are Hex’s “Bottom of My Belly” from their record “Gloom Boom.” I’m fortunate to be collaborating with talented folks from Larry Ladig Photography, Hi Def Pics, and Birkhead Editorial.

From the band’s website: “We Are Hex is a messy pile of pop slop… booming keyboards, precise and spaced out guitar, blown out bass, led by a barrage of drums . The rhythmic vocals pace themselves with the kick, conveying sex and sadness. The lyrics are deceptively self-aware in their simplicity.”

The record is crazy good, and I highly recommend you get it from their BandCamp site.

How I Found Myself Accidentally Doing What I’d always wanted to Do

I’ve always loved music, and I’ve always loved music videos. I didn’t have MTV growing up, but we had VH1, and many an afternoon was spent watching Phil Collins videos. My foray into creating music videos, however,  started with my own band, Thin Fevers.  In the spring of 2008, for some reason we decided we needed to enter a music video contest, so we ended up with this simple, but great video for “Idiot Archipelago.” Part “Take On Me” and part “Godzilla,” it was a lot of fun, and we shot and cut it in a very long, hot day.

After that I found myself doing some live work with Jookabox, and that landed me a quick gig making another video for the (at the time) solo artist.

These project were great, especially great considering their “we have a camera and some lights, lets screw around” approach. For “Bottom of My Belly” I’ve approached the project very deliberately, planning, story-boarding, and collaborating. I have no desire to pigeonhole myself, so I’ve been spending a lot time with graph paper and a little time with Final Cut Pro to get a sketch going.

In my next post I will be sharing some of my storyboards and talking about how I’ve dove into this project. I’d love to hear feedback on these pieces in the comments and find out if there any specifics people reading may want to know. This is going to be an exciting project, and something that I think will end up being a really cool piece of work.