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Henchmen – I’m kicking off a comic book and we are looking for another artist to help!

Concept art I've been working on. Looking for another artist to help.

I’m excited to “announce” that I am working a new comic book project called Henchmen. My high school friend Jamison has put together a great script, and I’ve been working on concept art with him for a while now. We have recently rejuvenated the project and will be launching a KickStarter project soon!

We are looking for an artist to join up with us – our intention is for this to be a paying gig, and we are looking for someone with some serious chops to help us bring our vision to life. Let me know if you know someone or are interested yourself!


It’s the Super Bowl, and I am happy to say I am at work!

As the big game starts, I am at the Super Bowl Social Media Command Center going through photos from the last two weeks. I’ve been at the office every day, but was able to spend some time enjoying the festivities with family and friends. It has been a crazy time – here are some highlights via photos.

I’m not a huge sports fan, but it has been amazing to be here and involved!

Looking for a job? Mind Trust is hiring for Manager of Operations

The Mind Trust LogoI seem to get a lot of emails about jobs. People email me when they have work and when they need work.

This week I have a few opportunities that have crossed my desk, and I thought I’d share one really cool position located here in Indianapolis.

The position is “Manager of Operations” for a group called The Mind Trust. I had the opportunity to meet some of their fellowship recipients a few years ago, and I was very impressed with the work and the organization behind it. More recently I had the opportunity to hear their CEO David Harris speak on a panel at ExactTarget’s Connections 2011.

Here it is!

Manager of Operations

The Mind Trust is taking a bold, new approach to education reform. Driven by results, we are strategically building a network of the nation’s best education reform organizations here in Indianapolis. Together, these organizations, led by visionary education entrepreneurs, are already putting their ideas into action and working to transform our schools. The Mind Trust believes that aggressively growing these organizations is our community’s most promising strategy to invest in real, lasting reform, and will speed up the day when all students, regardless of their circumstances, receive an excellent education.

If you are interested, you can download the job description here, and contact Ken Bubp with questions and/or send a resume, cover letter, and salary expectations. You can reach him at