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Wheres Wyrick? Photos of all the Random Places I’ve worked in 2013

I led a fairly nomadic work life last year. Here is a quick photo recap of all of the places I found myself searching for a power outlet. If someone can name all of the places, I’ll buy you lunch.

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Henchmen – I’m kicking off a comic book and we are looking for another artist to help!

I’m excited to announce that I am working a new comic book project called Henchmen.

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The Social Media Command Center, or Raidious Control: An Infographic

A fun post with a graphic showcasing the Raidious office.

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It’s the Super Bowl, and I am happy to say I am at work!

I’m at the Super Bowl Social Media Command Center watching the game, here are highlights of my last two weeks.

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Looking for a job? Mind Trust is hiring for Manager of Operations

I seem to get a lot of emails about jobs. People email me when they have work and when they need work. This week I have a few opportunities that have crossed my desk, and I thought I’d share one really cool position located here in Indianapolis. The position is “Manager of Operations” for a […]