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Places I Go: Raidious

I end up lots of places. In my new “Places I Go” series of posts I will sharing photo collections from my visits. For my inaugural post I’ve selected Raidious, the company I co-founded in 2009 and am currently Chief Technology Officer of.

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PhotoStrip: The Loudest Band in the Quietest Town

Conjurer was asked to play with Jucifer at Be Here Now in Muncie, IN. We where happy oblige. I grabbed some photos while in town and of the band.

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Henchmen KickStarter Campaign Wrapping Up!

My last update to this site was thirty days ago, the day we launched the Henchmen KickStarter campaign. It’s been a busy month, to say the last, here are a few photos showcasing it. Be sure to jump over and back if you haven’t already!

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PhotoStrip: Arty InstaGram Nonsense

Some recent photos!

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Peanut Butter Pancakes are Awesome

I like food, but I am not much of a cook. I’ve learned to appreciate paying an expert to prepare food the same way I learned to appreciate paying talented folks for quality work in my professional life.