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My Home Entertainment Triology: Episode 2 – How not Set Up A Digital Entertainment Center

This is part 2 of 3 of my Home Entertainment Trilogy, where I detail out my journey to home entertainment awesome.

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Happy Thanksgiving, World.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business, featuring me!

Well, this is a bit dated – but I’d like to post this for posterity. Back in June, the interactive marketing agency I work for (Raidious) received a call from’s J.J. McCorvey.  J.J. requested an interview with us about our use of Google Apps for business, and we were flattered. Check out the article. […]

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Behind the scenes with Pierre Garcon

Things at Raidious are never dull. Last week we interviewed an Indianapolis Colts player!

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Russian Circles – interview & live video

Today I share a most overdue post – the second and final episode of the RockitBomb.TV pilot project. I am happy to post an interview and set opener from Russian Circles, an amazing band that I have had the fortune to see multiple times, as well as the honor of sharing a bill with them […]