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Azeda Booth Interview with Marc Rimmer

This week’s episode features last week’s payphone call with Marc Rimmer Azeda Booth, a great synth band from Canada. Enjoy!


Azeda Booth was kind enough to call into the show from Austin last week before they hit South by Southwest. Azeda Booth just released an EP called “TubTrek” that you can download for free, and will be working a new record and touring all summer.

The interview was a little choppy, as Marc was calling from a pay phone, but I think I was able to adjust enough so he can be understood.

Interview with Azeda Booth
Azeda Booth
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From the band’s website:

“There are no women in Azeda Booth. If you’re reading this before you’ve played their debut album In Flesh Tones, you’re probably puzzled. Press play and come back. The band shares the same sublime androgynously-voiced space as Antony and the Johnstons, jazz great Little Jimmy Scott and Philly-soul angels the Stylistics. Musically, there are only sightlines, no touchstones. They twist and flutter, too skittish for space rock, too hot for IDM, too concise and charming for glitch-core. The Calgary, Alberta five-piece conjure up the sound of human travel. The arrivals and departures are hazy and blurred, the tone both tense and delicate, the fuel potent and clean, the direction most definitely UP. In Flesh Tones, Azeda Booth’s debut full length is a benchmark album, a thing of dazzling beauty and fragile inspiration. It’s not so much a bomb in the mineshaft as it is an incandescent dove illuminating the way out.” Read more

Azeda Booth “Ran” from “In Flesh Tones.”


Also, check out the video that is mentioned in the interview, this song is absolutely great.