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Van Halen – with David Lee Roth, no time machine required!

David Lee RothThat’s right, Van Halen will be playing at Conseco Fieldhouse on October 14, fronted by the one and only Diamond Dave. Tickets go on sale a week from today, September 8th. Hot Dog!

Since Michael Anthony is on tour with another Van Halen alum, Sammy Hagar, Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang will be playing bass for the band. I wonder how that conversation went? “Son, I need your help at the store this summer.” “Dad, come on, I’ll miss Warped Tour!”

I am pretty exctied to see this, I only hope that it isn’t a let down. I heard rumours that Eddie Van Halen’s last time in town wasn’t as great as expected, and I doubt that David Lee Roth can scissor kick like he used to.

I tribute, I give you my list of favorite songs about Van Halen:

“David Lee Rock” – Piebald
“Van Halen” – Nerf Herder
“David Lee Roth” – The Fuglees

I know there are more, but they escape me at the moment.