Saturday Round up- New gadets and gizmos.

Cool Stuff I found today:

Hitachi Starboard
Imagine a giant white board that you could run PhotoShop on.

Hand-built Mechanical Planetarium
I don’t know much about astronomy, but this just looks amazing.

The first of the RED Cameras are available.
Looks like the lucky first 25 flew out to get them. These cameras are amazing, if you don’t know. Basicially they should revolutionize digital film-making.

Google Earth is also a Fight Simulator Now
That is pretty cool.

iPod Cases for an iPod that Doesn’t exist.
I really hope that this company is wrong, because the Fat Nano is about the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

Ride Your Bike to Work

This article calls BS on everything that has ever stopped me from riding my bike to work.

New Superflat TVs
I linked to this earlier, but it is worth a repeat.

R2D2 Webcam
This is pretty nice, although a bit pricey. Perfect for spying on people while they sleep in your guest room.

Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1000
These cameras look amazing. I want one, and I want them to be cheap.

Apple Making Gear Shifts for Jaguar?
Weird, but cool, it looks like Apple is partnering with VW, Jaguar, and perhaps some other auto manufacturers to bring their sense of style and design to the automobile.

Just a few things I wanted to share that I came across today.