Rockitbomb Updates

What is up? – Some quick updates.

A quick update in case you find posts missing and what to expect from RockitBomb in the future.

Okay, I just wrote a post over my blog explaining why I am… well, why I have my own blog now that is separate from RockitBomb. Here is the bulk of it:

“For some reason, at the end of 2007, I thought it was a good idea to consolidate my blog with another blog I was running, called RockitBomb. Call it streamlining, call it lazy, I don’t care, but I was tired of my eye twitching whenever I was trying to decide what blog to publish to. At the time I had also started a blog for my day job, so I was looking at three blogs to maintain.

I had a conversation with fellow (at the time) RockitBomb blogger, Matt Chandler regarding what was going on with the site, as I had intended it to be a music site, and that was not what we where writing. My vision was specifically a music vodcast, and after a seat of the pants excursion into audio podcasting (due to my lack of time for video) that primarily focused on reviews of shows that didn’t need reviewed, I was tired of talking about music, and found myself writing about comics and movies and gadgets, and Matt had since digressed into really well written posts about life in general, but not about music.

So, we decided, WTF, let’s just keep on keeping on. That is what we did for pretty much all of 2008, until after a few conversations with colleagues and friends, and inexplicably finding myself doing interview podcasts again.* About this same time, Matt asked me to set up a new MYSQL database for him to mess around with wordpress, and in the process of messing around, pretty much built himself a new house.

The timing was perfect, and after thinking on some of the feedback I had received regarding RockitBomb, it occurred to me that I have been trying to kitchen sink to much into that site. It is a podcast. Rob G. and I are going to do a weekly post, and the posts on that site are going to be about music and the show, and not much else. That is my goal. Please come here for all of my other ramblings, etc., as I have realized that I also need a more breathable space here to talk about whatever I want to. So for now, I found a good theme, and I have moved over most of the relevant posts from RockitBomb, and tried not to leave too many dupes, but some of them I like in both places, and well, it is my blog.”

So as you can see, it has become apparent to me that RockitBomb needs to be about RockitBomb, and I am hoping that Rob G. and I can make some really killer shows and get those out weekly, and stop boring you with random junk.

Speaking of that – Rob and I are reviewing the new Eagles of Death Metal record for this week’s show. Let’s just say – we will leave you hungry.