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Radiohead “In Rainbows”: You set the price.

In RainbowsI just got an email from Radiohead. They are selling pre-orders for their new record, “In Rainbows.” Options are for a “disc box” included vinyl, CD, an enhanced CD, artwork book, lyric book, and a bunch of other awesomness, INCLUDING a digital download of the entire album, all for 40 pounds.

If you don’t want to drop that much money (ends up being about 80 dollars) you can buy a digital download of the entire album (at high quality, I’ve read). I thought this was pretty cool, until I found out that it was actually incredible.

The price field was blank, and after clicking the question mark next to the price area, I was greeted with a message that said “It’s up to you.” then another that says “Really, it’s up to you.”

Thats right, you can set the price for the album, which is really an incredible statement regarding music downloads, expecially considering Radiohead’s take on iTunes and not wanting to sell individual tracks.

How much is the new Radiohead album worth to you? Pre-order at