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New Systems – Thin Fevers

Thin Fevers “New Systems” EP is heading your way for free. Come and see them with We Are Hex on April 4th to get a limited edition version with exclusive art.

New Systems ArtOkay, so here is the deal. RockitBomb is releasing a record, more specifically a digital EP. This first release is by the band I play in, Thin Fevers.

We Need Your Help! Please help spread the word by linking to the site below.

We wil be playing a big release show on April 4th at Big Car Gallery, and selling a limited edition disc box featuring a t-shirt, CD, and cool collector style box. All of the exclusive artwork is by artist Bob Peele. Sometime after the show we will start allowing downloads of the record for free. Please go sign up if you want to download the record. We have been working on this for way too long, and are wanting to get this EP out so we can make room for the awesome new songs we are writing.

Expect more information to come in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak.

We Are Hex will also be playing, and there will be artwork by Nat Russell

I will of course be posting video, and we are throwing around some ways for you guys to interact at the show.