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Induction Powered Cereal is for Kids.

Electric cereal?!

Well, I guess the cereal isn’t powered, but the boxes are! Thanks to Ben Traub for hitting me up with this – and I thought my induction powered charger from ThinkGeek was cool!

This is some amazing stuff, moving us right into the crazy sci-fi future everyone between the ages of 28 and 37 have been dreaming of.

Wanna know how it works? Me too.

This is powered by eCoupled. Their website explains it best, I grabbed part of this page below:

eCoupled is intelligent wireless power. It removes the age-old constraints of inductive coupling (magnetically induced flow of current). How? It has an intelligent control system. eCoupled can adapt to meet the specific needs of each device it powers by communicating with it in real time. eCoupled assesses and determines not only power needs but also factors in battery or device age and charging lifecycles. It provides only the power required to maintain optimal safety and efficiency.

This is some cool stuff. Now, where are the jet packs?