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Fall Out Boy Postpones Indianapolis Show, MySpace friends PISSED!

picture-5.pngSuper popular pop band Fall Out Boy postponed it’s Indianapolis show at Verizon Wireless Music Center tonight minutes before the doors opened, angering the band’s many MySpace friends, who are now returning home to shed tears over they keyboards while posting messages of anger, sadness, and concern on the band’s comments section. The show will now take place at the same venue this Tuesday, June 12th, unfortunately the same night that Les Claypool will be playing at The Vogue.

Perhaps not totally unrelated, the band is currently “stuck” in New York City today, on what is apparently (MySpace Comments do not a good source make) their media-loving bass player, Pete Wentz’s birthday.

RockitBomb will be sure to keep you posted on these events and will be covering the Fall Out Boy, +44, Cobra Starship, rock mega marathon on Tuesday night, as long as our older brother can get off work and drive us.

Sadness.uh oh!