Wrap up, WWDC Day One

I am feeling pretty rocked… I meant to check out some of the parties, but I am too wiped. To recap all of my quick updates from the Keynote:


EA Games to bring titles to Mac OS

The new Leopard Finder looks great and features, consistent window looks, translucence in menu bar and a more 3-D dock. Stacks looks pretty awesome. The finder window looks a lot like the new iTunes UI, much better in my opinion. Apple has introduced cover flow for the OS, which is pretty cool too. The weird thing is, Apple’s OS keeps getting more and more like iTunes, I guess it is like it’s own mini-0S.

Quicklook is a great new feature and is well implemented across the OS, included Spaces, which is really great, enabling the user to switch between application screens quickly. I’ll be interested to see how many spaces are supported. Time Machine still looks great, and I am very excited about iChat Theatre.

The iPhone is still exciting for me, although I think the developers in the room seemed let down when the announcement was made that apps for the iPhone would have to run as web apps.

The biggest annoucement was Safari for Windows. This is a huge deal, especially for web developers just getting used to making stuff work for Firefox.

The rest of the day was a blur of meeting people and getting excited for the rest of the week. Apple has a lot of great stuff coming out in October, stuff that will enable a lot of innovation.