MaraAkate Music Video

Mara’Akate Live at The University of Connecticut

A trip down memory lane to a wintery Mara’Akate show at the University of Connecticut.

A few weeks ago there was a day that seemed to be “Remember Mara’Akate Day.” In addition to the used bin review I posted last week, my friend Derek (formerly of Mara’Akate, currently of Phoenix Bodies and many other bands) also came across vimeo user The Sin in Grey’s video of Mara’Akate’s set at the University of Connecticut from our Winter 2002/2003 tour. I remember it being a great show, but I don’t recall why we decided to play Wolfenstein 3-D five times.

We played a few shows with Transistor Transistor on that tour, and I’d be remiss to not include their set from the same show as well.