Tron Legacy Review: Go see it at the iMax in 3D

Tron LegacyThanks to Downtown Comics in Indianapolis, and Dodge from MOKB’s ability to purchase comics, I was able to catch Tron Legacy in 3D at the Indianapolis State Museum’s iMax Theatre Monday night.

I must say, it was a worthwhile experience. I definitely recommend watching the original before you go, as the film is not only full of eye candy and epic action, but nods to the original film as well. The plot is what you’d expect from the trailers, and not much more, but I left wanting more; which tells me Disney has definitely set Tron up for a new franchise.

My only criticism is the Jeff Bridges CGI. I’ll try to not to spoil anything – let’s just say that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

As I mentioned, it is worth seeing at the iMax if you can. This was the first feature I’ve enjoyed in that experience, and I’ll look to do it again. The 3D in the film is tasteful and enveloping, and helps bring the viewer into the new, updated world of The Grid.

The Indianapolis State Museum iMax is raffling off a working vintage Tron arcade game as well during the run, so be sure to enter the contest, and throw a big Tron themed party if you win.