San Fransisco has the best bums.

On Monday afternoon I walked around for a while, WWDC is nice and gives you two hours for lunch. Today (Wednesday) was the first time there was a lunch speaker (who was awesome by the way).

As I was heading across 5th street, a man wearing a sandwich board was standing at the opposite side requesting donations. It wasn’t until I across the street did I have the opportunity to read his sign.

“My wife was kindapped. I need $.98 to pay the ransom. Please Help.”

I really wish I would have taken his picture.

Last night on my way back to my hotel, my Apple-addled brain remembered the ridiculous cluster headache from the morning, which I assume was due to my body trying to adapt the slight, but still annoying time difference of 3 hours.

I decided to step into a pharmacy to puchases a couple of bottles of water so I have them on hand at the hotel room or during the conference. I was sure to pick up some oreos and milk also, for a bit of a night cap.

As I approached the cashier, I did something I do often, and noticed the young man’s name tag. Now, I am not making fun of this guy, and I understand that is probalby isn’t pronounced as I imagine, but his name was:


It made me smile.

To wrap this up, as I sit in one of the comfortable bean bag chairs in one of the areas at the conference (its really nice afer propping my laptop up by using my toes in a chair, or sitting on the floor), this morning I walked past a guy sitting on the ground. As a horde of WWDC attendees passed him, he asked, in a suprisingly well spoken and projecting voice:

“Do you have 1000 dollars I can have? I take credit cards on my website!”

At least he didn’t ask for bus fare.