More on Joost.

I was asked for some more information on Joost, so here it is.

First off, this is really cool.

Full Widescreen with Widgets

This screen shot shows the Joost Widgets on screen while you are watchin in full screen. There is a chat channel, and a ratings area, as well as some others (news, clock, etc.) This is really cool, although only available in full screen mode. It would cool if you could run the widgets in seperate windows while not in full screen mode, or something similar. Also, you will note, that the video content is in 16:9, but not pushing out to the outermost edges of my screen. This should be fixed to maximize screen real estate when you are viewing in full screen, in my opinion.

For my next test I decided to watch the “Diddy” channel.

Here are a couple of screens from my Mini with the CPU Monitor next to the video display. (Disclaimer: I have no idea if these will be helpful. This is actually the first time in a long time I have looked at the Activity monitor, and I dont’ really know how it compares to other apps.)

This first screen has the CPU Meter at the bottom. It looks like there was a spike at launch but it is leveling off as well.

Screen with CPU Usage

You can see the same CPU percentage in this screen, but also see the Network spike when I launched and see how it levels off.

Joost with Mac Mini CPU Usage.

Here are some more screens. I watched a lot of National Geogrpahic today. These where paying on my TV in 800 by 600. It looks pretty good. and works well with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

LionsLions 2

It also seems that some channels respond better than others. These two screens where taken while watching the Green Day live footage. Both of these screens where actually points where the video temporarily locked.

green day drummerBillie Joe Armstrong

Not knowing a whole lot about how the backend of Joost is working, I am assuming playback quality will vary depending on channel.