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MacHeist – Awesome Mac Software for cheap, until the 23rd.

MacHeist is an annual charity oriented software sale featuring some of the most innovative independent Macintosh software on the planet. Check it Out!


If your not familiar with MacHeist, it is an annual software sale involving some awesome applications by indepedent devleopers. Basically, they bundle the software to get some hype, and MacHeist donates a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice. If your a Mac user, this is a can’t miss for 50 bucks.

They always have some awesome apps (last year I picked up TextMate and Delicious Library), and this year is no exception. I’ll let you check out the site for more info. (Disclosure: my links are referall links, if I pass along a sale or two MacHeist will throw in two more bonus apps.)

What are you waiting for, go get ’em!