LEGO Board Games are AWESOME.


For some unknown reason, I have always thought that the LEGO board games looked extremely lame. I’d see them at the LEGO store, on Amazon, or on LEGO’s website and always burn past them. I wish I knew why. Maybe it was the feeling that they were obvious attempts at a new product hoping to suck more dollars out of an already dedicated consumer, or perhaps they just didn’t look sophisticated or fun enough. Whatever the reason, I never jumped to purchase one.

This past Christmas my son received LEGO® Pirate Plank as a gift. After school started back up and things were back to normal, we decided to set the game up and get going. After building the Pirate ship and learning the rules, we played a couple of games. Before you knew it we had invited Mom into the game as well and much fun was had by all. I left the table feeling interested, if not totally converted into a LEGO board game advocate.

Fast forward a month or so and I find myself at Go! Games in Indianapolis’s Circle Center Mall. Everything was half off, and low and behold, I find a few copies of LEGO Minotaurus in the corner. I felt a bit bummed that it wasn’t the Harry Potter game or something more exciting, but I picked it up regardless.

A few days later we set it up, and again, this is an amazing game that is insanely fun to play. This one is getting the crap played out of it at my house right now. This past weekend we made some new rules to the game and stayed up late playing.

I’ve been debating writing a couple of more detailed reviews and walk-throughs of the games. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested!

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