LaPorte, Indiana Documentary – Get involved on KickStarter

I pledged 25 dollars tonight to back a documentary being made about LaPorte Indiana based on the book called… LaPorte Indiana.

I just pledged 25 dollars to help fund a documentary on LaPorte, Indiana – this documentary is the story of some of the people featured in the book of the same name (I picked this up for my wife as a gift). The book is really cool and features portraits of the residents of LaPorte Indiana from the past.

From their KickStarter page:

The feature documentary film, LaPorte, Indiana will bring these Frank Pease photographs to life, sharing the vivid stories which create this tight-knit American community.

Emmy-nominated editor and first-time Director, Joe Beshenkovsky, was equally taken by these photos and understood that the story of an entire town rested in those twenty-two boxes. We soon travelled to Indiana in search of these personalities, to learn how their lives unfolded some forty years after their portrait was snapped.

Here is the trailer for the film:

LaPorte, Indiana Trailer from Joe Beshenkovsky & Jason Bitner on Vimeo.

Looks like a pretty great project to get involved with.