Joost BETA for Mac Intel

Lions of DarknessI got an email yesterday notifying me of the availability of Joost BETA for Mac Intel processors. I downloaded it today onto my Macbook and it is pretty awesome so far, and here is my quick review of my ten minutes worth of reviewing.

The video jumps a little here and there, and it seems there are some font issues throughout the application, but overall it looks nice. It will run in full screen as well as well as a smaller window. The content availble so far is interesting, althought obviously not prime time material (Green Day, Warner Records TV, National Geographic, Indy Car).

Joost Menu Display The menu system is very intuitive and well designed. I was up and running within seconds and watching a Taking Back Sunday “Making of the Video”. It may be a little more difficult to navigate once more channels are added, but it will still be leaps ahead of any current digital cable or satellite menuing system.

I was very excited to see a Mac Beta version, and very impressed at what I have seen so far. I haven’t seen anything about remote support, it woud be awesome to be able to use the apple remote with the software, since one comes with almost every Intel mac.

Joost Display with ControlsIt is getting late tonight, but I am hoping tomorrow to try in on my mac mini and hook it up to my crappy television. So far, I am impressed.