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iPhone Apps I can Live Without

I have a lot of applications on my iPhone, and I am deleting ten of them tonight.

Before the iPhone App store launched, I wrote a post about iPhone apps to check out.

Now, months later, it has come time to purge, so I am giving you the list of iPhone Apps I am at the moment deleting from my phone.

  1. Whrrl – Sorry Whrrl, you where cool for a second, but Loopt is better, and no one cares what I think about the restaurant I am at.
  2. Twinkle – I want to like you. Tapulous made you and they are a cool company, but you just try too hard, and I am happy with Twitteriffic.
  3. Jamd – I love the idea, but I just don’t have time to dish on celebrity gossip these days.
  4. Voice Dialer – You never worked for me. Maybe once, but that was a test call to my office phone.
  5. Now Local – There are better ways to get news to me than by GPS location. It is called Google Reader.
  6. Epocrates RX – I got you for work, and I still don’t have an account, and you are installed on our tester anyway.
  7. Here I am – I keep thinking I will use you for something, but I’ve yet to ever need you.
  8. Audi A4 – Worst. Driving. Game. Ever.
  9. Pocketpedia – I am never going to get around to inputting data into you. Sorry. When you mature a little and I can point you to an external data source that I can import from, then call me.
  10. Simplify Media – Such a good idea, when I have time to re-set up my home network and want to leave my computer on at home all day, I will think about it, until then, I will stick with smart playlists .

Well, that feels good, now I have some room to install Spore Origins, and one less screen of apps to deal with.