I’m Trying to fight a Polar Vortex with Instagram

It’s been cold this week. Very cold. “I’m-sure-you’ve-seen-it-on-the-news” cold. For part two of a few posts of photos from last year, I’ve warmed up a bit by looking through photos of awesome stuff my family and I did during the warmer parts of 2013.

Berk from How To Train Your Dragon.Hawk!Just kayaked. That was fun.Bird feeders at the @walmart stand.Eastern Screech OwlThis guy looks terrified.@marriott left us a nice thank you tray for staying with them this week. Much appreciated after a long day out with the boys.Learning with the eldestHuman Tim & Robot Tim.My oldest first roller coaster.Outta here.Recommended by @articulate_indystills from Steamboat Willie... Writes it's own caption.This is a really cool exhibit.Woah. I am this ?My son just outed this cowboy show for using the Pirated of the Caribbean theme.

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