Software Updates

For real, this time.

I gues you could say I have been putting off acutally blogging due to the fact that I have been trying to figure out how I want to blog. There are so many options.Here is my path to this blog. I decided that I would treat blog style as far back as 2004. That was back before it was called blogging to my knowledge. I updated my site with news every once in a while, but honestly, no one was reading, and I doubt many are ready this now. I kept at it and kept my site simple. I did a couple of new designs, but really never felt like I had much to blog about. Honestly, a lot of that was because I was too busy doing other things. (I made a feature length film, started a new band, worked my full time job, got married, bought a house, and had a kid.)So, around comes 2006. Blogging is at a fever pitch and I feel out of the loop. “I should have been here years ago” I think to myself and toward the end of 2006, having returned for a healthcare internet conference in Georgia, I decide that maybe it is finally time that I get around to getting this done, install a blog, get my technorati on, and do it. I have also, during this time, been kicking myself becuase I haven’t been podcasting either. So many of these things I was dreaming of in 2001 when Josh, Kurt, and I where closing the doors of, a dead dream of an online music magazine/community/whatever. (That story I will save for another post)So, how do I want to go about it? I have had a account for forever, I tried to install the API, had some issues because I was co-hosting with a friend at his house. Late last year, we moved to a hosting accout with 1 and 1, which I have been pretty happy with. I was going to try to install the API for, but gave up and tried the one button wordpress install. It worked great, but I didn’t like not knowing where the file system was, and honestly I like being a little more hands-on. (I am sure you will see many template changes and mucking around from me if you watch this at all.)Next I confront the problem that I have too many possible locations for my blog. I loved the simple days of me having a website and that is where people went to ready my site. That is where I uploaded all of my pictures, video, whatever, and it was all easy and pretty and all I had to do was remember my FTP password. Now I have a Flickr account, a myspace account, a blogger account, an FTP account, and email account, you get the idea. How can I simplify?I then decide I will try to use an RSS aggregator to bring in my myspace blog to my site. I did it and it worked for the most part, but I decided that it isn’t quite what I wanted (but I will probably be using it on other sites and also be pulling this.) For an example, see almost tried to use blogger again, because I found a cool dashboard widget called DashBlog that would be awesome for quick posts. I even tried Apple’s iWeb, because I thought it would be easy and fun and I could use all of those neat iLife connections that I never seem to be able to use, but of course, it was actually complicated for me due to its over-simplification.So…when it was all said and done. I ended up where everyone ends up. I installed WordPress and here it is.I hope you enjoy, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think.Brian