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CNN Gets Rick Rolled.

Not really, but they do have a really unimpressive story up about it. They also have one up about Dick Cheney’s sunglasses. It’s like watching a car wreck. Enjoy.

Seriously, why is CNN the bastion of crap video? I guess if I had to fill up programming 24/7/365, I’d probably run some stupid stuff too, but wow.

Here is some great insight into Rick-rolling, which, I wasn’t aware of until a month or so ago, and I found out more true information about that in five minutes of web surfing than this reporter did in what I can imagine were days of interviewing the co-producer of Rick Astley’s hit. It is worth a watch to see him dancing alone.

CNN Gets Rick Rolled. 

And of course, the Cheney sunglasses. Listen to the way these people talk. It makes me want to collapse into a coma. Why are they even reporting on it? Oh, they are reporting on it because “the blogs” are writing about it.

“…has been checking the blooooogs this morning.. whaddyagot? … Well, if you goooooogle dick cheney sunglasses, you’ll get like 100,000 hits….”

Come on, this isn’t even news, it’s stupid.

CNN Cheney

The best part is, I am perpetuating it by blogging about it.