Some commentary on the use of new media tools in the reporting of yesterday’s Flight 1549 Hudson river landing.

A quick commentary on this great example of event reporting via Twitter.

“RT BrentDPayne: I just confirmed that @jkrums sold his photo 2 the AP. I guess attempted 2 purchase bu t was 2 late. ” from

Translation? This photo was taken right after Flight 1549 hit the Hudson river yesterday, from one of the first boats on the scene. This photo has been seen by over 70,000 people as I am typing this, and this guy has been interviewed by MSNBC and has sold his photo to the Associated Press.

At the exact same time, this photo was taken across the water:

How great is it that we can see two angles of this event in almost real time, and that while I was watching Fox News’s coverage in the evening news, I knew more than they did!