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Airport Bars

Posted by mobile phone:
So I just wrote an awesome post about travelling and drinking too much coffee before my flight followed by beer at the bar, and dreading the impending need for a men’s room as soon as the plane is taxiing.

Then I accindentally hit cancel on my phone. Now you get this shining gem instead.

That is my welcome to mobile blogging with a samsung blackjack.

I am going to WWDC 2007

On June 11th I will have the pleasure of witnessing one of Steve Job’s keynotes live. I will be at the WWDC conference all week geeking out on video compression and the like, and I am going to try to post updates from the keynote here if I can.

This is a fine reason why I shouldn’t combine this blog with Rockitbomb.

Regardless, check back here at 9:00 AM San Francisco time on June 11th.

More Joost invites!

I have more Joost invites, now that is open, I have unlimited invites. Let me know if you are still looking for one. Also, I am thinking pretty hard about shutting this blog down and doing all of my posting at I started both blogs at the same time, but I don’t want the hassle of maintaining both. So, if you come back, expect a redirect in the near future.

At the same time, though, ususally what i post hear doesn’t make sense there, but thats the beauty of it, I can make it make sense!