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Upcoming Shows in Indy.

Two very different, but very awesome shows are coming to Indianapolis. Read on for more details on some metal and some rock.

Two very different upcoming shows, but both are worth noting.

Unearthly Trance, Racebannon, Coffinworm
A night of intoxicating frequencies, visuals, and drinks. This is where they put metal!

Wednesday, Feb. 27th 2008
Zanies Too – 5914 E. 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN
Cost: $6 / Time: 8 pm (for real)

Unearthly Trance (Relapse Records) – Blackened sludge/doom from NYC. Hands down one of the best bands to ever spring from the loins of slow and heavy. They keeps it real.

Racebannon (Southern Records) – Bloomington-based, long-time riff rulers. Like the Deathstar, yet indestructible. Chaotic rock meets Black Sabbath.

Coffinworm (Indy) – First show. Blackened sludge/doom from members of Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity, Worldeater, and Salvation.


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood – July 3rd at Verizon Wireless Music Center

Tickets go on sale February 4th, right after they play the SuperBowl half-time show! I saw Tom Petty last summer and it was one of the best shows I have seen. The quintessential rock show.