Rockitbomb Updates

Quick Update – No Show This Week, etc.

Just checking in. We are taking this week off.

A quick update – no show this week. Our Duke Spirit interview didn’t come through, and PodShow’s servers are down at the moment, so we are taking this week off.

Next week we are talking with Gentelman Caller, which should be great. Be sure to check back with us next Thursday!

Upcoming Interviews For December:

12/4 – Gentelman Caller
12/11 – Mason Proper
12/18 – The Bronx
12/23 – Everthus The DeadBeats

In other news, I have been pulling a lot of old content, most noticably Chandler’s old stuff tha the pulled over to, so if something is missing, you might check there. I will also be pulling some of my old posts that I have moved over to my personal blog.

Have a great Thanksgiving!