Product Review: InCase Protective Cover for iPhone

InCase “Protective Cover for iPhone” Review

I have made the mistake of holding out for the perfect cell phone or iPod case in the past. This has always ended up with a cracked iPond Nano screen, or a scuffed up cellphone. I have never really worried though, because I knew that one day I would find the perfect device and these temporary products would be cast aside.

Standing in the Indianapolis Apple Store at 10 pm, holding my iPhone box in my hand, I realized that the moment had come, and I had better be certain that I have something to protect my new purchase from the inevitable drop. The only case on day one that looked like it would offer some “always on” projection that looked like it would fit in my pocket, was InCase’s “Protective Cover for iPhone”, I opted for it in black.

The initial fit of the case is suprising tight, and gives the phone a nice tactile grip, preventing it from sliding out of the holder’s hand, and as a bonus, prevents the phone from sliding off of the console in most cars. There is a cutout for the camera, mute switch, speaker, and dock connector area on the bottom. The package for this case does specifially mention that it the dock connector port can be accessed, but it must be noted that it cannot be placed on the dock while in the case. If you like using the dock, you will need to remove the case each time, which will wear out the case. Mine does not fit like it did initially, but it still protecting the phone.

Also, If you are concerned about prying eyes seeing your new phone, or those akward “You bought one of those!” conversations, the case does hide the Apple logo, and if you opt for it in black, one would be hard pressed to distinguish the black rectangle on your ear from a Samsung Blackjack or Motorolla Q.

My phone has been dropped a couple of times, and for the first time in a long time, my phone still looks new when I take it out of the case. While the rubber outer shell doesn’t protect the screen, it will protect the corners, which is usually where the phone hits the hardest when dropped, and if you don’t mind not using the dock, InCase’s iPhone case will treat you well.

UPDATE: I have since updated to Agent 18’s iPhone EcoShield, and haven’t looked back.