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New "Music Only" episode featuring The Bronx, Third Eye Blind, and more!

This weeks episodes is less talk and more rock. Actually it is all rock, featuring new tracks from The Bronx, Third Eye Blind, The Juan Maclean, Emergency Music, and Gazelles.

This week Rob and I have decided to shut up and let the rock rock. In this episode we feature some new tracks from some bands that we will interviewing in the coming weeks, so listen up!

RockitBomb – November 6th, 2008

The first track is a new rock from The Bronx, who we will be talking to next week about their new record, “The Bronx III” If you like what you hear you can stream their entire new album on the band’s mySpace page.

Up next is the new track from Third Eye Blind. I don’t hate it, but it sounds an awful lot like “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life” if you ask me. It is a catchy tune, but I still don’t know how I feel about singing “young gay republican” all day in my head.

\”Non Dairy Creamer\” – Third Eye Blind

While we don’t have a 3EB interview scheduled, we do have something lined up with The Juan MacLean, an awesome electronic act. Get their track, and check out the amazing video below.

Free Download – The Juan Maclean “Find A Way”

The last two tracks are two great bands, Emergency Music plays some great Walkmen-esque indie rock, and we hope to be talking with them soon, while Gazelles sounds like Death Cab For Cutie meets The Apples In Stereo. Thin Fevers (my band) had the pleasure of meeting Gazelles here in Indy, and I look forward to getting them on the show soon.

Download Emergency Music’s new record “You’ll Be The Death Of Us, Honey” for free at their site.

Check out Gazelles on mySpace.