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Modest Mouse

RockitBomb Ride Home Show Episode 10
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NOTE: This post was submitted by Ben Traub way back when, but since it was an episode of RockitBomb, it has remained. -Brian

So thanks to seasonal sickness, my friend Heidi Philips ( gave me some tix to go see the once second wave emo band Modest Mouse. Well, they aren’t emo anymore, and the more I think about it, maybe they were always college rock. Whatever, I’m not hatin’, I’m just sayin’….

So afterwards, while at the Chatterbox Tavern enjoying some nice guitar/bass improv, i ran into some friends and we talked, for a short while, about the show we just walked away from. It’s not during the ride home, but you will hear some opinions only recent exposure to the performance can allow for. Enjoy.

ps- i sing the theme song, if you didnt know. no, im not the robot voice smart ace.