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Hello Two Thousand Twelve.

The Wyricks

Here it is – 2012. Another year has passed and I find myself rushing to put some sort of holiday / recap of the year together while watching New Years Eve specials on TV. This year it is was a mashup of the Coldplay special and Dick Clark.

I seem to have been privy to an incredible amount of amazing during 2011. For starters – this post began at my kitchen table on my iPad 2 with my 4 month old son on my lap. In the background Christmas Songs played from my wife’s iPhone 4 wirelessly through our AppleTV while photos taken with my iPhone 4S display on-screen via iCloud. Upon the realization that this has become part of my life makes me miss Steve Jobs that much more. His passing this year has been something I’ve been mulling over for the past two months, unsure how or if I even should document my thoughts on the passing of someone who I’ll admit has been a huge inspiration.

Steve Job’s death was one of the biggest downsides of a year otherwise full of pure awesome. The team at Raidious moved into Raidious Control, and our staff has grown with some amazing and talented staff. This March I saw my first SXSW, where I met some truly amazing people and enjoyed some truly memorable music. Late summer and this fall has been full of new baby rad-ness. My youngest son continues to be quite honestly the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. I’m truly blessed to have such a ridiculously cute family. Mostly I have my wife to thank for that.

The new music project continues to go quite well. I am enjoying playing heavy music again, and I’ve been learning a lot while recording this time around. We should be wrapped up by the first of the year and will be playing out soon.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Happy holidays and happy new year!