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Factory Girl: Movie Review.

Anyone who studied art or graphic design knows of Andy Warhol. Most people know of the Factory, and Brigid Berlin, and Nico, and The Velvet Underground, and probably Edie Sedgewick.

I however have a terrible memory and really only know of Edie Sedgewick by some sort of lost memory, a sort of “I know I should know who she is and already know everything that I am about to see on screen” thought was circling in my head as I took my seat.

I enjoyed the film. I did some reasearch after seeing it, as I didn’t want to skew my opinion by researching fact before I enjoyed the fiction. Like all movies in this sort of genre, there where a lot of liberties taken. I have enjoyed watching wikipedia articles expand with opinions on the film published as vieled references to historical fact and attempts to summarize critical response.

Also interesting is Bob Dylan’s apparent distaste of Hayden Christensen’s composite character, Billy Quinn. Apparently Lou Reed also hates the movie.

Man, I thought it was good, but, I can see their point. It is a fictionalized version of people’s real lives. I have some crazy friends. I have some crazy friends that are artists, musicians, and filmmakers, and lawyers, and baristas, and one that is a miner. Yes, I would be pissed if some young director made a movie about my friends and it wasn’t right. Really upset.

But I would also be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the film. I think Andy Warhol would have enjoyed it as well.

It was quite glamorous.