Dear FTD

A little post – valentine’s day rant for our friends at FTD.

Dear FTD,

You sure suckered me with that uPromise “No Shipping” deal and the kick back to my child’s college savings plan. I sure do appreciate it. But you know what? I would much rather have put the fifty dollars I gave you into the account directly, since you charged me shipping anyway, only delivered part of my wife’s valentine’s day gift, your customer service line disconnects me today when I call, and oh yeah your website is down too so I can’t even email you.

Thanks for nothing, I am assuming that I am not the only one that pillaged on Valentine’s Day. Oh, and by the way, Valentine’s Day is over, so I hope since your ENTIRE website is now down it is because your really savvy webteam has taken it down so they can update the images that say “Get it by Valentine’s Day” on the front.

I do appreciate you sending me the email last night at 11:30 PM letting me know that my order has shipped via DHL, and sending me a tracking number that doesn’t work.